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The “Tygo” Application is affiliated with Future communication company., through which online communication services are displayed and compared (traditional SIM, electronic SIM, internet packages, mobile phone packages), so the usercan view our services through the Application while enjoying secure electronic payment methods.

This legal agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) set out and governs your use of the “Tygo” Application, and it is important to read and understand it, and by clicking on the word “AGREE” you agree that these terms and conditions will apply in the event that you choose to access or use “Tygo” service. If you are under the age of majority, you should revise this Agreement with your parent or guardian to ensure that you and your parent or guardian understand it.

Whereas we provide our services according to the following terms and conditions:



In this Agreement, unless otherwise required by the context, the following terms shall have the meanings referred to.

  • “Tygo”, “Application”, ”website”, “We”, “Us”, or “Our” refers to the “Tygo” Application and Future communication company in KSA.
  • “User”, “You” or “Your” refers to the person who visits or uses the Application or registers a membership in the Application.
  • “Services” refers to the services available via the Application, which includes (traditional SIMs, electronic SIMs,internet packages, mobile phone packages, and revharge balance).
  • “Content” refers to the Application content, which includes, but is not limited to (images, texts, videos, information, data, prices, service listing, service description, ads, icons, symbols, letters, and numbers).
  • “Agreement” refers to the terms and conditions, the privacy policy, all home page or sub-pages of the Application, the descriptions of service, all information and content of the services, all instructions, and special agreements that are made between the Application on the one hand and any users of the Application on the other hand, as well as the contracts associated to the terms and conditions.
  • “Parties to the Agreement” refers to Application on the one hand as (a first party in the contractual relationship), and any person who visits or uses the Application, registers an account with the Application, provides any of the Application’s services, or benefits from our services in any way on the other hand as (a second party in the contractual relationship).


Tygo” Application specializes in reviewing and comparing online communications and internet services online, where the customer can register membership in the Application to benefit from our services fully.



  1. The Application works as an online platform for displaying services. It is our advertising tool, through which we publish all information about the offered services to give the customer a review and comparison of the offers provided by operators to the telecom operator in the KSA.
  2. The advertisements of the services published via the Application shall be deemed to be “a call for contracting” and not a “binding offer”.
  3. You know that the role of the Application shall be limited to marketing the services of the service provider, while the service is provided and activated by service providers, and therefore the Application is not a service provider.
  4. The “Tygo” Application shall not be deemed to be an internet service provider, shelter provider, information content provider, or service provider. Also, it shall not be treated as a publisher of any content published via the Application or via any property available for communication via the Application.
  5. You know of and agree on the exemption of the “Tygo” Application from any liability arising from the acts of third parties.



  1. This Agreement shall be deemed to be the entire and final agreement between the “Tygo” Application on one hand and any person visiting or using the Application, website, or any of its features or advantages on the other hand.
  2. This agreement shall be deemed to be a valid contract satisfying the legal conditions and elements and shall be enforceable against all said parties. Its provisions and obligations shall be binding on all of them and neither party may derogate from it or terminate it since it has resulted in its legal effects.
  3. All parties acknowledge that this agreement constitutes the entire agreement among them. They agreed that they didn’t rely on any emphasis whether oral or written for accepting this agreement other than the provisions stated herein.
  4. The description of the services and the sub-pages of the Application prepared by the “Tygo” Application shall form an integral part of this agreement.
  5. The contracts supplementing this agreement shall be considered an integral part of it and they shall be governed by the terms and conditions which apply to this agreement. Also, this agreement shall be indivisible.
  6. The amendments of this agreement shall have the same legal provision and effect to this agreement.



You acknowledge that you have the legal capacity necessary for concluding and accepting this agreement and that you have the full unrestricted legal authorities according to the following conditions:

  1. The capacity and consent of the ordinary person: It is stipulated for the user of the “Tygo” Application that he is 18 years old and has the legal capacity necessary for concluding contracts and we shall not be responsible for verifying the capacity of any of the users of the Application, With your use of the services of the “Tygo” Application, you agree on this agreement and you acknowledge are that you are legally bound by the terms and conditions provided for in this document or its amendments.
  2. The capacity and consent of the minor: If you are under 18, you may use the “Tygo” Application only with the involvement of a parent or guardian, and without prejudice to any other rights and remedies of the “Tygo” Application under this agreement or at law, the Application reserves the right to limit or withdraw access to the Application or the membership of any person if we believe that person is under the age of 18 years.
  3. The legal capacity and approval of a business entity: If you are registering as a business entity, you represent that you have the authority to bind that entity to this user Agreement and that you and the business entity will comply with all applicable laws relating to online trading.



  1. It shall be stipulated that the natural person registers in the Application in his true name and not in an alias, untrue or misleading name. When you register as a natural person, you shall represent yourself only because the account is based on personal consideration.
  2. It shall be stipulated that the legal person registers in its trade name in the Application not unknown, untrue, or misleading names and once you register as a legal person, you acknowledge that you are the legal representative of this person.
  3. The user shall provide us with the data of registering the membership that might include among other things (Name, Address, E-mail, Mobile Phone No., ID No.).
  4. The membership in the Application shall be for free and direct to the users and it shall not need review by the administration of the Application.
  5. The user undertakes to maintain confidential information about his account, such as the username and password, and he is responsible for any disclosure of this information to others. Also, he is responsible for any use done by any person to whom he has disclosed this confidential information.
  6. The user undertakes to report the Application immediately in case of penetrating the account or its theft as well as discovering any illegal use of this account in the Application in order for us to be able to take the technical actions necessary for maintaining the account.
  7. You may not use another person’s account at any time without having express consent from the “Tygo” Application.
  8. We reserve the right to cancel the account that haven’t been confirmed yet or are inactive for a long time.



  1. As for services requiring registration: Through your registration to get an account via the Application or via clicking for accepting the conditions of the service upon claiming so via the Application, you shall be considered to have implemented this agreement and the other conditions of the service online and it shall be legally enforceable for you from the date of registering your account or from the date of clicking for accepting the conditions of the service.
  2. As for services not requiring registration: your use of these services shall be deemed to be an express consent by you to the terms and conditions provided for in this document and all the other policies and you shall be legally bound by them from the date of this use.



  1. The user acknowledges that under this agreement he will not rely on any promises, warranties, or emphasis by or on behalf of the “Tygo” Application except what is provided for in this agreement.
  2. This license does not involve the reselling or any commercial use of any of our services or their content. Also, it doesn’t involve any copy of the information available about the account in the favor of third parties or the use of means of getting data as well as any use of the tools of collecting and eliciting similar data.
  3. You may not reproduce or make a typical copy of this Application, copy, sell, resell any part of it or use it in a different way for purposes of commercial or non-commercial exploitation of it without having express written consent from the “Tygo” Application.
  4. You may not use any descriptive marks or any other “hidden text” which exploits the name “Tygo” or its trademark without express written consent from the Application.
  5. All the information you disclose must be real, updated, correct, and express yourself, and match with what is required in the registration form we have.
  6. The user undertakes to precisely enter the information required to be entered in the Application and he shall be responsible for regularly reviewing this information for the purpose of correcting, modifying, or renewing it as long as you have new information regarding this and you are required to keep all the data and documents proving that.
  7. In case you have provided incorrect, imprecise, non-synchronized, or incomplete information or in case we have reasonable reasons to suspect that this information is incorrect, imprecise, non-synchronized, incomplete, or inconsistent with this user agreement and without prejudice to any other rights under this agreement or the law, we will suspend or cancel your membership.
  8. You are not licensed in any of the forms to publish any link to websites or other applications via the Application or through any features available within the Application.
  9. You agree not to use the “Tygo” Application or any service provided via it in an illegal, deceitful or antisocial way as we determine.
  10. The users shall bear all the legal liability in case they violate any personal property rights or intellectual property rights over any content published by them via the Application.
  11. we shall not be liable for the violation by the user of any of the rights of third parties and it shall be the user’s liability only.
  12. The Application at any time shall be entitled to delete the content published by the users via the Application in case we see that this content violates the intellectual property rights, trademarks, the rights of privacy, trade rights, or other intellectual property rights of third parties.
  13. You shall be liable for the lack of the serious and credible use of the Application.
  14. You may use our services in the form only legally permitted and according to the conditions of the agreement.
  15. You may not misuse our services in any of the forms.
  16. The user shall be bound to notify us in case he discovers any illegal use of the Application.
  17. You declare that you will notify us in case of the existence of any publications, materials, or transactions that seem to violate this agreement.
  18. The use of the “Tygo” Application might be coupled with making available services or content of other bodies that aren’t under our control. Consequently, you declare that other conditions, provisions, and policies of privacy apply to your use of the services and content of the bodies not belonging to us.
  19. The services of the Application shall be available within the KSA. Consequently, we shall not be bound to make available any services in any other state. Nevertheless, they can reach the Application anywhere in the world.
  20. You promise to make available the information and documents necessary and which is required by the Application from you at any time whether during the participation with us and the registration of your account or during the provision of services to you after registering your account.
  21. All rights not expressly granted to you to these conditions of or any conditions of another service shall be reserved by the “Tygo” Application.
  22. The licenses granted by us shall terminate in case you do not comply with these conditions of use or any conditions of another service.



The “Tygo” Application is keen to provide all legal commitments and warranties to the customer, in accordance with the legal provisions in force in the KSA, as follows:

  1. The Application displays telecommunications and internet services for various companies within the KSA, and the customer can access the Application and filter the services according to their type or according to the company that provides them.
  2. The customer knows and agrees that each service provider has a separate terms & conditions policy that the customer shall be bound by before using its services available through the Application, and the service provider may impose special terms for each service it provides, and the terms of similar services may vary from one service provider to another service provider 
  3. The service providers warrant that they have all legal rights and powers to sell the services and that they obtain all necessary permissions to sell the services.
  4. Tygo” displays prices and details of the services in the application as provided by service providers, taking into account the validation of this informationز
  5. The Application undertakes to make the utmost efforts to obtain warranties from service manufacturers if any and hereby assigns such warranties to the customer for the permitted period.
  6. The Application retains ownership of the services content and all images and visual files and has the right to publish them at any time.



The Application provides the service of assessment and adding comments to customers, in order to provide a better service to all our customers, and it is required to add the following comments:

  1. The assessments must be true and legal and expressive of the service provided to the customer.
  2. It is prohibited to use illegal words, phrases, or expressions during the assessment process.
  3. It is prohibited to use logos, names of other websites or applications, or famous or non-famous brands during the assessment process.
  4. It is prohibited to make comparisons between our services and those of our competitors in a way that offends us or competitors.
  5. It is prohibited to offend peoples, states, cultures, society, or any human, community, or religious values ​​during the assessment process.
  6. It is prohibited to publish any advertisements or promotion of goods or services through the assessment service of our Application.
  7. The Application reserves the right not to post comments if they are illegal or dishonest in our point of view.
  8. The Application reserves the right to delete any comments posted if they violate the previous provisions or any of the terms and conditions, sales agreement, or privacy policy.
  9. The Application reserves its legal right to resort to the judiciary in case of offending us through the comments service.
  10. Others who have been offended through the comments service have the right to resort to the judiciary against the customer who added the illegal comments without recourse to us.



  1. The Application and ideas expressed within it shall be our intellectual property rights. Any imitation or plagiarism of the Application or some of its services (including ideas, texts, symbols, and software) shall be deemed to be a violation of our copyrights for which we will take all the legal procedures against the perpetrator of the said violations.
  2. All the contents included or available within the services of the “Tygo” Application such as (texts, logos, pictures, graphs, voice, recordings, icon buttons, digital contents, materials that are uploaded, software, and collection of data) shall be a registered trademark and owned by Future communication company and shall be protected by the KSA laws and the international copyrights laws.
  3. The collection of all data inserted in the service of “Tygo” or making it available by any of our services shall be exclusively and privately owned by the “Tygo” Application, and protected under the KSA laws of copyrights and the international ones and also shall be protected under the international conventions in force such as Bern Agreement and TRIPS Agreement.



    1. Tygo” and logos connected with it shall be our trademarks and/or our services marks.
    2. The pictures, logos, headers of pages, icon buttons, texts, and services names shall be trademarks and commercial designs of the “Tygo” Application.
  • The trademarks and services provided by the telecom companies are owned by the main service providers and “Tygo” is considered an intermediary for the re-presentation of these services and trademarks.
  1. Reproduction of trademarks or commercial designs of the “Tygo” Application in any media or advertising means shall be prohibited without written permission from us.
  2. Trademarks and commercial designs of the “Tygo” Application may not be used for contacting any product or service that doesn’t belong to us not to cause harm to the position and credibility of the “Tygo” Application or to cause harm to its customers.



  1. You agree on getting telecommunications from us and we will communicate with you by e-mail, mobile number, modern communication applications (eg WhatsApp), or by posting notices through the application or with the ability to receive communication on the official platforms owned by “Tygo”.
  2. You agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures, and other telecommunications done by us online satisfy all the legal conditions as if they were written with all their legal effects.
  3. The “Tygo” Application requires your consent during the registration process to send messages on your mobile phone or via the application for promotion purposes to inform you of any changes, advantages, or new activities added to the Application.
  4. In case you decide at any time that you do not want to receive promotional messages, you can deactivate the receiving of these messages through correspondence with us. But in this case, we do not ensure that you will enjoy our services fully.



  1. Any notices you like to send to the “Tygo” Application must be sent through the features specified within the Application. Any notices sent outside the Application shall not be considered.
  2. Any notices the “Tygo” Application likes to send to you shall be either by publicizing via the Application or sending them to you via the mobile phone number you provided us with during the registration process. You are supposed to have known of the notice as soon as the notice is published via the Application or with the lapse of 24 hours from the time at which the message was sent to you.



  1. The “Tygo” Application shall be entitled to transfer all the rights mentioned in this agreement to third parties without any objection by the user. All shall be bound to perform all their obligations mentioned in this agreement to the assignee immediately after they are notified of the assignment. The assignee shall be entitled to take all the legal procedures against whoever doesn’t perform his obligations under this agreement.
  2. You may not assign your obligations and rights under this agreement or authorize a third party to manage your account in the application except after getting written consent from us.



  1. You shall be bound by all the laws and regulations in force within the KSA in relation to your use of the application and shall incur all the liability arising from your breach of the laws and regulations also you shall be bound by all the terms and conditions provided for in this agreement.
  2. In case of the breach by the user of any of the conditions or provisions of this agreement, The “Tygo” Application shall be entitled to take an administrative action only within the Application. This action might be the suspension of membership for a time period or a permanent ban on the user in breach. He shall not be entitled in this case to register in the Application once more except with express consent of the “Tygo” Application.
  3. The party to take all the legal procedures he considers appropriate according to his discretion without having recourse against us and without the liability of the Application.
  4. The customer is responsible under this Agreement and by law. And he is obligated to compensate us in the event that he submits fake or not serious purchase orders or whose purpose is to annoy us or waste our time, and he is also legally responsible to the shipping companies in this case.
  5. In case you violated this agreement, The “Tygo” Application shall reserve its right to recover any amounts due to us from you as well as any losses or damages caused by you. And the Application shall be entitled to take the legal procedures or to resort to competent courts to file civil or criminal actions against you.
  6. The “Tygo” Application does not ensure to take action against all the violations of this agreement. Not taking legal procedures in relation to any of the cases of violation shall not mean a waiver of our right to take these procedures at any time we consider appropriate.



  1. You expressly agree that you are personally liable for the use by you of the “Tygo” Application.
  2. we provide our services “as available” without any representations or warranties of any kind either express or implied, relating to the use of this application, content, or services provided by the Application.
  3. We shall not be liable for direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental losses or damages arising from:
  • Incorrect information in the services or recommendations relating to the services.
  • Any dealings that take place between the service providers and customers outside the scope of the Application.
  • The quality of services offered by the service providers.
  • loss of profits, sales, business, revenue, business interruption, or similar.
  • loss of business opportunity, goodwill, reputation, or any indirect or consequential loss or damage.
  • Any disclosure of your customer data by the service providers.
  • The user’s failure to keep the security, confidentiality, and privacy of account data.
  1. The application does not warrant that technical defects will be repaired or that the application or its servers are free from viruses or anything else that is harmful or destructive and you know that the applications on the internet might be exposed to corrupt data or its unavailability or the delay of its appearance and you accept that.
  2. The application might be unavailable from time to time due to the acts of repair, maintenance, or development and you agree that the application shall not be bound to provide the technical support at any time.
  3. You acknowledge that the “Tygo” Application is an internet-based service and in spite of exerting our best to keep information safe, we cannot warrant that information received or transmitted by the user while using the application is safe at all times.
  4. The “Tygo” application does not provide any warranty and shall not incur any liability in relation to the modernity, commonness, precision, and quality of the information received by the user via the application.
  5. The liability of using the information that is received or reached by the user through the services of the “Tygo” application shall completely lie on this user.
  6. The “Tygo” application does not provide any warranties that this application, its servers, or the messages are free from viruses, or other harmful components.
  7. The “Tygo” application cannot assure that each user of the application is actually the person he claims to be.
  8. The application shall not be liable in all cases for any direct, indirect, or dependent losses, loss of profits, or damage to the fame whatsoever as a result of disclosing your user name and/or password.
  9. The “Tygo” application shall not be legally liable for losses or damages whatsoever that might arise from using this application including but limited to the direct and indirect damages.
  10. We might at any time modify, suspend or interrupt the services of the “Tygo” application without sending a notification to you thereof. Also, we might suspend your use of our services in case you violate these conditions and terms or in case you have misused these services from our point of view.
  11. Without prejudice to its other rights, the “Tygo” application shall be entitled to suspend or cancel your membership or your access to the application at any time without notice and for any reason and to cancel this agreement.



  1. You agree to compensate the “Tygo” application and to acquit its liability as well as defend it against all the actions and claims brought or claimed by third parties as a result of your use of the application or due to the violation of these conditions and terms or the breach of the rights of the other users.
  2. The application excludes from its warranties, clauses, and conditions any financial losses that might be connected with the customer or the distorted reputation or any damages arising from your misuse of services or the application, and the application shall not incur any liability or claims in such cases.
  3. The “Tygo” application, its officials, and employees shall not be legally liable to you or to another party for any direct or indirect loss or any other cost that might arise from, in connection with the performance of this agreement or the provisions of our services.
  4. The user has to protect the “Tygo” application and its employees, defend them and compensate them for any losses resulting from any action or claim connected with the application or from an act or negligence by the user, his representative, or agents.
  5. you shall be bound to compensate for any losses or damages caused to the application as a result of any illegal use or not permitted by us.



  1. The user shall be bound by the changes and modifications done by the application in relation to the applied policies and he has to accept any modifications considered by the “Tygo” application to be necessary, and we may at any time conduct modifications or improvements we consider appropriate and necessary for increasing the efficiency of the application. The user shall be bound by any directions or instructions provided by the application to him in this regard.
  2. You may not change any terms of this agreement amend or replace them without written consent from the “Tygo” application.
  3. We may modify or update these terms and conditions “User Agreement” in relation to the use of the application without notifying you thereof. Thus, you have to have access to this agreement regularly.
  4. You agree to be bound by all the additional conditions and terms that will be made available to you in connection with the use of any of the services available via the application. These additional conditions and terms are incorporated into this agreement.



The agreement shall be deemed to have been automatically rescinded without the need for excuses or taking judicial procedures in any of the following cases:

  1. In case that you have breached any clause or term of the terms of this agreement above mentioned is proved while reserving all our rights to claim compensation for the damages resulting therefrom.
  2. Assigning or subleasing the account without our consent.
  3. The non-performance by the user of any obligations provided for this agreement without taking serious actions to eliminate this breach while reserving our rights to claim compensations if necessary.
  4. Inability to document any information you provided us with.
  5. In case we decide at any time that your activities resulted in legal disputes with you or with other users.



  1. The “Tygo” Application may contain links to external websites of third parties, and we have no control over those websites or their contents, and we accept no liability for them or for any loss or damage that may arise from your use of them, and you agree not to involve us in any dispute you may have with any third party website.
  2. Before enabling any sharing functions of the website to communicate with or visit any such website, we recommend that you review and understand the terms & conditions, privacy policy, and information-sharing functions of each such third-party website.
  3. The links on the “Tygo” Application do not constitute our consent to the use of such websites, and your use of such websites is at your own risk.



  1. These terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the applicable laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  2. If any of these terms shall be deemed unlawful, void, or unenforceable under applicable laws, that condition shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining conditions.



In the event that these terms conflict with any prior versions thereof, the current version shall prevail.



These terms are drafted in both Arabic and English; The Arabic language will be adopted for the purpose of interpreting and implementing these terms and shall be applied before all the official and unofficial bodies if the English language conflicts with it.



You acknowledge that you have read these terms and agree to be bound by their provisions. If you have any questions regarding these terms, do not hesitate to contact us through the means available on the Application.


Copyright © Tygo 2022,

All Rights Reserved to Future communication company 

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